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  • David gave an excellent training course in 'Agile Analysis and Story Writing' which I attended. He is steeped in agile knowledge and great at passing that on in a very clear and down to earth way. Highly recommended.

     course attendee

    I hired David as an Agile Coach to help our very first venture into agile software development and it was the best money ever spent. David was instrumental in how we now do 'agile' here. The team's ability to deliver one of the most successful IT / Business projects undertaken by us had its foundations based on the guidance and coaching provided by David


  • David is one of the best coaches out there. Highly experienced, honest, very knowledgeable and able to bring the best out of people he works with. In his time with us he drove in XP and Agile practices through training, coaching and mentoring. The whole team responded to David and his measured approach. Thoroughly great job all round


    Dave is a no-nonsense agile mentor, very experienced, insightful and a natural leader. From high-level business and management strategy to low-level C++ code cutting, it is obvious to those that meet him that Dave knows what he's talking about. Dave helps bring about rapid and tangible improvements to organisations.


  • David was great for us! At the time, we were going through our Agile transformation, and David had a big impact and helped deliver towards our objectives. His work and influence was especially perceptible in the "teams' Agile behaviour" implementation.


    When we were building the Agile Transformation Team I knew from personal experience that Dave was exactly the sort of real-world Agile Coach that we needed to help fast-start the programme and to deliver consistent quality and commitment to doing the right thing for the client, and for the programme. This was always going to be a challenging programme due to its innovative nature and the size and complexity of the environment. Dave has been a key member of the team delivering experience, progress and quality to the Agile Transformation Programme - as I knew he would be



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