Welcome to the site. This is the home of David Putman. Software developer, project manager, sometime writer and management consultant.

I've been in this business for coming up to 25 years now and during that time I've worked on content management systems, CRMs, databases, desktop apps, embedded systems, graphical applications, mobile networks, plug-ins, websites and all manner of other systems, far too numerous to mention.

To produce those systems I've used: Action Script, AJAX, assembler, ATL, BASIC, C, C++, C#, Clipper, COM, CppUnit, CSS, dBase, FIT, Flash, Java, JavaScript, MFC, .NET, NUnit, PHP, Selenium, SQL, SVG, Visual Basic, VML, WCF, WIX,WPF, XAML and XML on systems including MsDOS, Windows, Linux and Unix.

I can offer help with analysis, design, development, testing, hosting, SEO, project management, training and almost anything else to do with software and the internet, you only need to call.
mobile: 0788 788 5124 or contact me here